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Caroline offers a professional funeral service in Hampshire and across the uk, including any:


*Church funeral 

*Cremation service

*Civil funeral

*Humanist burial 

*Memorial service and more..

Call us on 07811074682 to discuss your requirements 

I will help you to choose the perfect heart felt music for the service, this could include :

Entry and exit music

Either sung live or a recorded piece played.  I would always encourage a live soloist as this  adds a special something to that persons life celebration.  



Readings and passages are not always something people feel comfortable doing on such     an emotional day, but I always suggest that they just give it a go.  Public speaking is not everybody's cup of tea, therefore I will prepare your readings or poems so that you can relax and enjoy the chosen pieces.       

I will discuss with you which pieces you would like sung, and any recorded pieces you would like played.  Once we have decided I will liaise with the venue staff.  


It can be a difficult decision choosing the appropriate music. I suggest brain storming those favorite songs that remind you of fond memories together. 

I would be here to help you through those steps.  Just as an example, some families have used the Superman theme tune, the theme tune from the Mission by Ennio Morricone, and Happy days from Sister Act! whilst people danced out of the venue.   

More often than not clients prefer soft sentimental music, but anything is possible! 


I would arrive on the day in good time to set up the system before your guests arrive.

My aim is to ensure a relaxed, smooth, and professional celebration of life, to provide a send off that everybody will remember and cherish.

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